Pirenópolis, Brazil

This post was written by Tiago César Oliveira, a 32 years old Brazilian software engineer living in Lisbon, Portugal. Pirenópolis is a small city located about 100km from Brasília, Brazil’s capital. It’s a magic place. It’s a small and magic city with lots of good restaurants and even more waterfalls around the city. It is a … Continue reading Pirenópolis, Brazil

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

This post was written by Matt Eastland-Jones, a 21 year old student. Aspiring photographer and wannabe explorer. You can check his adventures on his own blog here. Kilimanjaro is a pretty recognisable mountain as it’s the tallest free standing mountain in the world. Is rises majestically above the plains of Africa. It’s beautiful. Oh Africa, … Continue reading Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Bohol, Philippines

This post was written by Miguel Paiva, a Portuguese traveler searching happiness and enjoying life. “It’s all about moments.” Bohol is a island of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region, consisting of the island itself and other 75 minor surrounding islands. I’m currently traveling in Asia for six months with a friend and … Continue reading Bohol, Philippines